Furniture from Paper. Ecological, Adaptable, Practical.The name "FlexibleLove" was derived from the concept of a 'flexible love-seat'– seating that could hold from one to as many as twenty individuals; changing length and shape with a simple pull at each end.The honeycomb structure used throughout the entire FlexibleLove line produces an accordion-like result that allows each piece to be extended and collapsed with ease.FlexibleLove furniture, such as FlexibleLove Earth 16, is made from recycled paper and recycled wood waste, and is produced using pre-existing manufacturing processes in order to reduce the furniture's impact on the environment.




Chishen Chiu finds inspiration in a wide range of hobbies, and his work reflects his adventurous spirit and a never-ending curiosity for new materials and ideas. He is a graduate of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology's prestigious School of Industrial Design. At its introduction during the annual Young Designers' Exhibition (YODEX) — the world's largest design exhibition for young talent — FlexibleLove was an immediate hit and the highlight of the show. Since, FlexibleLove has attracted the attention of media around the world, and continued to capture people's imagination year after year.