Adventure Wristband

by Luckies


Remember the golden years, when you were getting ready for a holiday, and you had to go to the chemist and buy yourself six disposable cameras? Then you’d have to find things to waste the last twenty photos on just so you could get them developed? Then you’d have to get them developed? Then you’d have to buy an album, and arrange all the ones where you’d managed to keep your finger off the lense? Your mum would show them to your Granny, and then it would go on a shelf somewhere only to be brought down fifteen years later so your new girlfriend could be shown a photo of you with a bowl cut wearing a tropical speedo?

The way we take photos and how we keep them has changed so drastically since those times. For the reasons listed above, that’s quite possibly a good thing. But you should never go on holiday and feel like you can’t take as many photos as you want, no matter what you end up doing with them. The Adventure Wristband means you can take and keep up to 1000 photos. The USB doubles as a stylish wristband, which means no more photo albums, no more lugging around disposable cameras, and no more worrying about what you’ll end up with for your Facebook album at the end of the holiday.

Of course we can only make it easier for you to house your photos. If you still have a bowl cut and tropical speedo, we can’t do anything about the outcome of your actual pictures…



  • Material: 

    PU Leather, Metal.

  • Slap-on Wristband

  • 4GB storage USB


 2.2 x 25cm