Beer Socks

by Luckies


There are a lot of people who love beer. And if they don’t love beer, we’re almost certain that they love socks. Heck, we don’t trust anyone who doesn’t love socks. So unless you hate both fizzy pop and nice warm foot covers in cool, beautifully designed packaging, or you’re buying a gift for someone similarly mad, then Beer Socks have everyone covered.

You even get to choose what KIND of beer you wear on your feet. The Stout socks are black, the Ale are orange, and the Lager are yellow. So even if you’re the sock enthusiast end of the spectrum and not the beer, you still get to choose a colour. Isn’t that nice?


  • Material: 

    Cotton (80%) Nylon (17%) Elastane (1%) Other (2%)

  • size – UK 7-11 / US 8-12 / EUR 41-45

  • Mid-calf fit
  • Each flavour comes in it’s own personalised can packaging
  • Ale (Orange), Lager (Yellow), Stout (Black)


 12.7 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm