Book Rest Light(Universal)



House shaped bedside reading light

This multifunctional lamp will be a welcome addition to your bedside table. Providing a soft reading light as well as the ideal home for your book, the Bookrest Lamp is an un-complicated yet surprisingly clever piece of design. Made from durable polypropylene with a frosted finish, the lamp is supplied with an energy efficient, low voltage LED bulb that won’t make the house hot or damage your books!

When it’s time to call it a night, simply rest your open book on top of your glowing house to form a roof, and never lose your place again.

Multi-region power supply included for UK, EU, USA and Australian power outlets 
(or you can use a suitable 5v USB power supply).

Design by Lee Sang Gin

Item dimensions:
(Size and weight)


Width x Height x Depth x Weight
116mm x 145mm x180mm x 0.334Kg