Bucket & Spade List

by Luckies


The trouble with growing up, along with grey hairs, the slowing of your metabolism, and big gas bills that come out of nowhere, is that your memory has to knock the good stuff out to make room for boring real life. You lose family holidays, school trips, the arcade, birthday parties, good Christmas presents, that time your dad left the hand brake off and the car rolled down your street and on to the neighbour’s immaculate lawn.

It might be too late for you, but the Bucket (& Spade) List is the perfect gift to help you save someone else from the same fate. Scratch off the boxes once you’ve completed experiences ranging from having a food fight to riding on someone’s shoulders. Whoever you buy it for will have something to jog their memory in more senior moments. Great as a baby gift for a nursery wall, a family fridge, or buy it for yourself and maybe some of those memories will come back to you.


  • Material: 

    Paper, laminate, gold foil

  • Gold foil boxes to scratch off

  • 100+ activities to complete


 61.5 x 43.5 x 0.02cm