Cabin Tidy

by Luckies


If you’re having trouble keeping it all together, invest in a little forest calm, and organise your desk with our Cabin Tidy.

Split into 3 compartments, the Cabin Tidy is the perfect way to stack your stationery goodies on top of one another for easy access. Staples, pins, paperclips. Use the wooden pins pile up pens and pencils to stop them from rolling away, wind your headphones cord around them, or simply remove the whole lot and use it to keep your phone safe.

Whatever your business, you can beaver away whilst the log cabin takes care of all your storage needs.



  • Material: 

    Pine wood, sheet metal

  • 3 separate storage compartments

  • Pencils not included


 10.1 x 11.1 x 13.21 cm