Eric The Memo Elephant

by Luckies


Eric is not your average Elephant… firstly he’s made of smooth white ceramic, secondly he just loves to be written on. If anyone’s ever written on you, you’ll know it tickles and is hard to get off – us humans are not made to be marked with millions of memos.* Eric however wants to help you keep track of all those things you need to remember but keep forgetting, or stuff you need to let your flatmate know but you’re never in at the same time. Buy Milk! Don’t eat all my Bacon! Pint at the local on Friday? What ever you want to scribble, Eric is ready and waiting to oblige, after all he’ll never forget! That is until you wipe him clean and start again.. *Apart from the guy in Memento but that is the exception to the rule..and they were tattoos so it doesn’t count…


 11.5 x 17 x 11.5 cm