by Luckies


Ever since our Scratch Maps bolted from the stable in 2009, all anyone has been asking us is “How can I hang my beloved map?”, “Where and how can I frame my stunning wall art?”, and “Please, help me, I can no longer bear to keep this map in a tube and away from the world, WHAT CAN I DO?!”

Sit down. Breathe. Maybe have a cuppa. Because if you have one of our Scratch Maps (or any other poster really, we won’t be offended) that you want to hang up on your wall, then Hang! is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

It really couldn’t be any easier. Simply unroll your map, catch it in the magnetic panels, and give it pride of place on any wall you like.

Hang! will comfortably fit your standard Scratch Map, but anything up to A1 size landscape means you might start considering it for all those other posters you promised yourself you’d frame years ago. Time to get the loft ladder out…


  • Material: Natural wood, Neodymium, polyester
  • Easily hang Luckies Scratch Map and other large format posters

  • Magnetic hanging system
  • Contains 4 x panels, 6 x magnets, and 1 x polyester cord


 87 x 6 x 3.5 cm