Hologram Viewer

by Luckies


Fancy giving someone the ultimate personalised gift for their birthday this year? Sounds like you need our Hologram Viewer. This fun little gadget lets you create and watch 3D holograms in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is download the free app, create your very own personalised content and place your phone into the hologram viewer.

Had a fight with your beau? Send them an ‘I’m sorry’ message with our Hologram Viewer. Nothing screams forgive me like a hologram message, are we right?

If giving the Hologram Viewer to a loved one, the lucky recipient will receive a text message containing their personalised message and instructions on how to download and play their personalised content. If that’s not the future, we don’t know what is…


  • Material: 

    Cardboard, plastic

  • For best results, place the product at eye level in a dark room.

  • Viewing area is approximately 6 x 3 cm.
  • Free app includes 3 videos with more payable.


 4.1 x 17.1 x 7.9 cm