by Luckies


Printed on flexible magnetic paper, the Magnimap is the best way possible to keep track of your travels (alongside scratching, of course).

A world map with zoomed in areas showing Europe and the Caribbean Islands, the Magni-Map comes with a dry wipe marker for your travel reminders, and 10 mini magnets for sticking your tickets, photos, and travel keepsakes to the relevant locations. And if 10 isn’t enough, we suggest continuing the long standing “cheesy fridge magnet” tradition so you can add more to your map.


  • Material: 

    magnet, paper, plastic, copper foil

  • Includes 10 magnets, dry-wipe marker and cloth

  • Attach tickets, postcards, notes and reminders
  • Magnetic paper for affixing to large metal surfaces


 43.5 x 61.5 x 0.2cm