Musical projector silver

by BNO


Information and specifications: 
- projects small images of stars;
- touch sensitive color switch - options red, blue or green;
- with soothing lullabies Rock-a-bye Baby - Brahms’s Lullaby, German Cradle Song;
- show ends automatically after 20 minutes;
- 3 mode switch: off, music and lights, lights only;
- requires 3 AAA-batteries (not included);
- energy saving LED lights;
- does not get warm;
- easy to take out, creates a safe feeling during a visit.

All you need to turn the nursery into a magical and relaxing place, is this musical projector. A colorful, starry night is projected on the ceiling and wall, while playing through three soft and gentle lullabies. A simple touch of the hand changes the color of the stars from red to blue or green. The sound can also be switched off, so a child can enjoy the lovely starry sky in all quietness.
The projector is wireless and can therefore be placed anywhere in the room. After 20 minutes the music and lights end and they can be activated again with one touch of the hand. In order to save batteries, we suggest to switch the projector completely off after every use.
A decorative accessory that is ideal for children who have difficulty falling asleep or fear of darkness.