My Time

by Luckies


Some people wait for the New Years Resolutions to kick in, but we say now is as good a time as any to organise your life. My Time allows you to customise exactly how you want to sort out all those every day tasks, plan for future events, and keep your memories in pride of place when you run out of space on the fridge.

My Time is a blackboard with a difference. The chalkboard material comes on a self adhesive roll, some where between tape and sponge. You cut off strips, however long you like, and stick them, well, wherever you like. Write on the material with chalk like you would any other board, and wipe away when you need to change it up. If you need a ticket, receipt, or photo fixed to it; no worries. Simply use one of the gold push pins to fasten it on, or stick it with the included tape.

My Time is your organisation, all your own way. Only problem you’ll have now, is you have no excuses left for forgetting anything…


  • Material: Pinboard tape, chalk paper, EVA, pins
  • Miniature chalk memo board

  • Comes with pins and tape
  • Includes 4 coloured chalksticks