Scratch Globe®

by Luckies


Want a Scratch Map ® map but like things in 3D? You need a Scratch Map map in globe form then! This really is a globe with a difference, well, a few differences… Scratch Globe® is a gold foil coated map of the world which allows you to record where you’ve been on your travels by removing the foil layer as you see more of the world. When you’ve uncovered the country or continent you’ve been to, a rich and colourful map with geographical detail is revealed underneath. Scratch Globe map can then sit on your desk, reminding you to visit more places so you can reveal off a bit more! Scratch Globe map comes flat packed, ready to assemble so makes for an excellent gift for someone who aims to see the world or already has. Although even without any foil removed it still looks great on any desk or mantelpiece.

Simple self assembly, no glue required. Can be constructed in about 10 minutes.

Remove each segment and place on a smooth, flat surface to remove the foil with an eraser for best results.


  • Material: Laminate, coloured foil, paper
  • Made in the UK


 20 x 20 x 20cm