Scratch Map® Wild World

by Luckies


At this point, you thought we’d covered all possible bases when it came to the Scratch Map. Capital cities, Oceans, maps featuring different languages, small, medium and gigantic maps. But now let us introduce you to the Scratch Map Wild World.

Whether you have a budding David/Davina Attenborough on your hands, or you haven’t quite given up on becoming one yet yourself, the Scratch Map Wild Worlddoesn’t just feature countries and continents below the foil, but it also features the animals you’d find in those places, making a total mockery of your patience when it comes to the scratching. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, it comes complete with a fact sheet, featuring all 70 animals on the map, and information about all of them.

Whether you’re 9 or 90, with the Scratch Map Wild World you can make every day a school day, and trust us, that isn’t half as boring as it sounds.


  • Material: Paper, laminate, coloured foil
  • Scratch away animal icon relevant to the countries and regions under the foil

  • Includes fact sheet with information on 70 creatures


59.4 x 82.5cm