Sleep trainer

by BNO


This sleep trainer is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included).

n innovative product that teaches children in a playful way to stay in bed. This design in white, silver and grey shades is a variant of the Miffy Sleeptrainer in the classical colors of Dick Bruna. A Miffy sleep trainer is THE solution for children who wake up early and then show up at your bedroom door. How does it work?
At bedtime you tell your child that Miffy is also going to sleep and that he/she must be quiet. You show your child that Miffy closes her eyes. You set the alarm, for example at 07.00 am. You tell your child that he/she can only leave his/her bed when Miffy opens her eyes and the music sounds. If your child wakes up earlier, he/she can push the button at the end of Miffy’s bed. A light will shine and the child can see that Miffy’s eyes are still closed. Your child should stay in bed and be quiet, otherwise Miffy might wake up! At 07.00 am Miffy will open her eyes and for 1 minute you will hear the Miffy theme song.
Good morning, it’s time to get up!