Stamp Map Passport™

by Luckies


We all know some lucky so and so who’s had to apply for the extra pages you can get added to your passport. Maybe YOU are that lucky so and so. In either case, the problem of a well stuffed passport makes it difficult to keep track sometimes. But if you want a way to do that, as well as feel the more personal satisfaction of stamping your own travel destinations (and let us tell you, it is very satisfying), then the Stamp Map Passport is exactly what you need.

Styled like a passport with a page for filling in your (or someone else’s) details, plus 27 more pages of world maps with a key for locating your desired location within the book, simply change the head of the wooden stamp to mark places you want to travel to with an “X”, and stamp all the rest with “VISITED”. With red and black ink, it’s up to you how you customise your journey.

Pretty soon you’ll be booking flights just to be able to stamp…



  • Material: Kraft board, copper foil, wood, metal
  • 28 page passport

  • Red and black ink pads
  • Interchangeable stamp


19.5 x 9.4 x 2cm