Waterproof Notebook

by Luckies


Ever had an idea while in the shower or bath only to forget it as soon as you’ve dried and dressed? Well now you can take the Waterproof Notebook in with you so you’ll never forget another idea again. Not only that, its the ideal way to leave notes and inspiration for your partner or house mates as the pages are already perforated. If you get inspired out of the shower that’s cool too – Waterproof Notebook makes an excellent gift for someone that needs to make notes in the great outdoors or just at their desk!

So, whether you suddenly get inspiration for new song lyrics in the shower or decide to write a letter of resignation to your boss whilst by the pool on holiday, Waterproof Notebook allows you to write any time, anywhere, any weather absolutely smudge free! If Bear Grylls needed to jot down some notes, we’re pretty sure this is what he’d use..



  • Material: Waterproof stone paper


15 x 10.5 x 1.5 cm